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Welcome to Absolute Condos Marilyn Monroe Condos Mississauga


The absolute condominium community are 5 condo buildings with townhomes and commercial space. The Absolute community is a landmark community with absoluteworld 1 & 2 being the centrepiece towers. The city centre location is centrally located in downtown mississauga across from square one mall. Absolute city centre is in the north east corner of Hurontario street and Burmhamthorpe Rd. There are a few units available for sale in absolute vision and both twisting curvy towers.

The 5 condo apartment buildings each are unique and all are connected to the 30,000 sq ft absolute club amenities building. The names of the five condominiums are, in order: Absolute, AČ, Absolute Vision, absoluteworld 1 and absoluteworld 2.

Absolute and AČ are similar buildings that are connected at the base by townhouses. The 2 condo towers are now registered and full completed. The third phase absolute vision began occupancy summer 2008 and a few units still remain for sale.

Absolute city centre condominiums: 90 Absolute Ave | AČ: 70 Absolute Ave | Absolute Vision: 80 Absolute Ave

Absolute World 1: "Marilyn Monroe Tower" 50 Absolute Ave | Absolute World 2: 30 Absolute Ave

Absolute World is a residential condominium twin tower skyscraper complex in the five tower Absolute City Centre development in Mississauga, Ontario. The project is being built by Fernbrook Homes and Cityzen Development Group
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